Clear Skin Cancer Center™

Clear Skin Cancer Center™ is the premier facility that performs the most advanced treatment for non-melanoma skin cancers that is non-invasive and with excellent clinical and cosmetic results.

Caring for You

Surgery is not your only option. With Clear, there finally is a treatment that allows you a choice. Ask your dermatologist to be referred to Clear. We accept Medicare, Medicare Advantage Plans and all major insurance providers.

What Clear Skin Cancer Center™ is All About

At Clear Skin Cancer Center™, we have been developing Electronic Brachytherapy (eBx) treatments that make radiation therapy accessible to a broader spectrum of patients and their physicians.

We work with primary care physicians and dermatologists to bring patients a proven, safe treatment that offers up to a 98% cure rate and amazing clinical and cosmetic results.

Our Electronic Brachytherapy Systems uses proprietary, miniaturized X-ray tube technology to apply a therapeutic dose of isotope-free radiation directly to a tumor target. This precision delivery minimizes the risk of radiation exposure to healthy tissue, while reducing the number of treatments required.

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