Here are some frequently asked questions from physicians - and how Clear works to be an extension of your practice.

Patient Care & The Clear Difference

  • What is patient care like at Clear Skin Cancer Centers?

    Your patients are treated with utmost respect and care – as we are an extension of your practice’s values. Treatment cycle is an average of 8-10 fractions over the course of 4 weeks or so. Once they complete the treatments, they have one follow-up with us to check on their acute side effects. Following this, they are then returned to you practice for long-term follow-ups. We maintain strict consistency in patient experience. Your patients are your patients. We’re successful because of the trust of our dermatologists – no patient is ever redirected to any other provider.

  • How are my patients treated when they are referred to Clear Skin Cancer Centers?

    Again, our mission is being an extension of your practice and its principles. All patients are treated with respect and dignity. We understand that many skin cancer patients may likely be repeat customers, thus we take tremendous pride in offering the best quality and service available every time someone walks through our doors. We offer VIP-like service through our friendly staff, concierge services, and personalized secure cloud account access to ensure safekeeping of their medical records.

  • If my practice chooses not to participate with Clear, what are other options for offering this type of treatment?

    Currently, there are no centers like Clear® in Texas providing non-invasive electronic brachytherapy skin treatment.

    Some dermatologists may think that starting this treatment program at their office would be an option, but here’s why that would not make financial and management sense:

    1) Upfront costs would be substantial and very time-consuming which includes:
    * Contractual agreements with a Radiation Oncologist, Radiation Physicist, and Radiation Therapist
    * Lease or purchase agreements for the equipment
    * Centralized electronic health software for the substantial documentation this treatment requires.
    * Establishing a HIPAA compliant site wide secure billing system.

    2) In addition, the reimbursement rates for electronic brachytherapy is quite unfavorable in Texas for one-off offices, as compared to other States, thus the time, money and efforts spent on setup of such a program would not be very economically viable. With Clear®, we provide a centralized solution that offers no risk to providers. Our turnkey solution for your practice is an extension of your practice with no management or human resources headaches and zero out-of-pocket costs – ever.

    Clear is set up to be the leader in non-invasive electronic brachytherapy skin treatment. In each community we’re a part of – we take a team approach. The local dermatologists referral volumes support not only each center but also enhance treatment options by providing a cosmetically better outcome for patients.

  • What happens if I choose not to participate with Clear?

    Being the most ideal procedure for non-melanoma skin cancers, the non-invasive electronic brachytherapy skin treatment by far provides the best cosmetic results for patients. Patients will be hearing about this treatment in the news, press, blogs and social media.

    By positioning your practice with Clear®, you will be able to take advantage of our continuous community outreach and press programs – and be seen as a leader in this proven, innovative treatment option.

    The question will be – “Why miss out?”

Benefits of Joining Clear & Common Treatment Concerns

  • What are the benefits of joining Clear?

    By being a members of Clear’s Dermatologist Network Group, you will benefit in the following ways:

    1) Seeing your practice grow when patients are referred to your practice through our direct advertising, marketing and social media programs.

    Patients that directly approach us by way of our marketing, will be referred to the participating dermatologists in our network based on location, convenience, and patient preference.

    2) We strive to be the centralized skin cancer centers for non-invasive treatments of non-melanoma skin cancer treatment center for the community. We do not believe that dermatologist should be against one another. By creating a centralized center treatment center for all dermatologists, we reduce unnecessary competition and foster a more collegial, supportive environment.

    We all want the ultimate goal of doing what’s right for the patient. With Clear everyone benefits! Our goal is to provide a turnkey solution for your practice – as a DIRECT EXTENSION of your practice with no out-of-pocket expenses to you. No hassles. No headaches. No marketing, personnel or management expenses. NO RISKS whatsoever! If you don’t have good experiences with us, you can stop referring your patients at any time.

  • What are the common short-term side effects of skin electronic brachytherapy radiation treatments?

    Near the completion of the source of therapy the skin may become somewhat red and irritated, similar to a sunburn. Skin irritation typically resolves very quickly after the treatment is completed.

  • Does skin electronic brachytherapy cause scarring?

    No. It is possible that the skin in the treated area may become slightly darker or lighter but this is usually very minimal. The cosmetic outcome is excellent in the vast majority of cases.

  • Isn’t radiation dangerous? Doesn’t radiation cause cancer?

    Radiation is like any other tool: it is completely safe and therapeutic when used properly. Radiation in therapeutic doses to the skin poses no risk of causing secondary cancers in the treated area or elsewhere in the body.

Patient Forward Questions

  • Will other organs of a patient's body be exposed to radiation?

    No. Fortunately, electronic brachytherapy radiation for skin cancer is delivered very superficially and does not affect any other organs of the body. Only the area in the treatment field is exposed.

  • Can patients receive additional radiation therapy in the future if needed?

    Yes. Radiation can be safely delivered to new skin cancers or other parts of the body without difficulty.

  • Is electronic brachytherapy / radiation therapy for skin cancer a new or experimental treatment?

    No. Radiation as a treatment for skin cancer has been proven extremely effective with regard to both cure and cosmetic outcome for many decades. Electronic brachytherapy is, however, the newest and most accurate method of delivering this time-proven therapy.