The Clear eBx Advantages for Dermatologists


Our eBx system provides dermatologists the option to offer non-melanoma skin cancer treatment with radiation therapy without the need to hire staff or any management overhead


Our system utilizes an isotope-free miniaturized x-ray source to deliver targeted radiotherapy directly to the lesion


The treatment is non-invasive, painless and leaves no scars.


eBx utilizes low energy photon x-rays, which are a much gentler indirect radiation that doesn’t penetrate and impact the underlying healthy tissue below the treated layer


The beam is focused and targets effectively the lesion – only the treated area is exposed to the gentle beam with excellent cure rates (95%)


Typical radiation treatments require daily visits for 4-5 weeks. Unlike traditional radiation therapy, eBx typically requires only 8 fractions per lesion administered twice a week. Average treatment time is between 5-6 minutes.

What Clear Skin Cancer Center Offers to Physicians

Optimal Patient Care

  • Offers a painless, non-invasive alternative for those not able or willing to undergo surgery incision
  • Available treatment option for those not ideal for surgical excision (co-morbidities, blood thinning medications, lesions in difficult to heal areas
  • Patients with challenging anatomical locations (e.g. eyes, nose, ears, scalp)

Safe and Effective

  • Excellent cure rates; same as surgery
  • Proven science
  • No radio-isotopes required
  • Minimal shielding required


  • No anesthesia, cutting, bleeding, stitching, pain or scarring
  • Fast, short sessions
  • No post-treatment reconstructive surgeries
  • Immediate return to normal daily activities

Superior Cosmesis

  • Cosmetically better procedure for patients
  • Excellent cosmetic results, particularly in difficult locations – eyes, nose scalp and joints
  • No downtime

Extension of Your Practice

  • Ability to treat more patients
  • Retain your existing patients
  • No personnel required
  • No management expenses or staffing needs
  • Zero expenses

Marketing Opportunity

  • Add another marketing channel for your practice
  • Being able to offer what patients will be requesting for
  • No marketing expenses
  • Position your practice as a leader in the community by offering innovative, proven technology
  • Increase patient volume