• The Latest Care in Keloid Treatment

    The Latest Care in Keloid Treatment

    We understand living with keloids can be difficult and even embarrassing.  Surgery alone is usually not the best option as the keloid may grow back and re-form in the scar area, at times recurring larger than the initial growth.

    At Clear, we perform the most advanced keloid care treatment available.  Our medical team includes a dermatologist, radiation oncologist and plastic surgeon that determine the best course for your treatment.

    A non-invasive and virtually pain free treatment option, it achieves excellent outcomes in keloid removal when combined with surgery.

    The Clear treatment is low-energy radiotherapy that pinpoint and concentrate the radiation dose only within the depth of the affected area. The good news is that it leaves minimal to no scarring and lessens the chance for recurrence.

    Here’s how to get started:


    1. Let us pre-determine, as best as possible, your situation. Please email us your contact details to our HIPAA Compliant email: medical@clearskincancer.com  Remember to include any relevant information such as pictures with a ruler placed by side to estimate the dimensions.  If you have a dermatologist, please include their name.

    2. If you do not have a dermatologist – we can refer one in our network that specializes in keloid care.

    3. Based on your information – one of our representives will respond within two business days to go over treatment options and schedule a consultation.

    Please check our page that describes the procedure. It includes frequently asked questions.

    Click here – Keloid Treatment by Clear Skin Cancer Center. 

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