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Clear Skin Cancer Center™ is the premier facility that performs the most advanced treatment for non-melanoma skin cancers that is non-invasive and with excellent clinical and cosmetic results.

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Surgery is not your only option. With Clear, there finally is a treatment that allows you a choice. Ask your dermatologist to be referred to Clear.

Non-surgical skin cancer treatment with electronic brachytherapy (radiation therapy) - and what to expect

At Clear Skin Cancer Center – we administer the finest non-melanoma skin cancer treatment by a board certified radiation oncologist who specializes in electronic brachytherapy treatment of skin cancer.

Unlike other brachytherapy or radiation therapy, Clear eBx uses a non-radioactive, electronic, low dose minaturized x-ray source which only emits energy when the the power is turned on. Furthermore, this tiny x-ray source is contained within a proprietary metal skin applicator which directly interfaces with the targeted skin tissue during treatment, allowing for very precise targeted treatment of the skin cancer and thus, sparing of the adjacent normal tissues.

Deeper non-skin tissues are not harmed because the energy effects are generally focused no deeper than 1/4″ below the skin surface. The Clear electronic brachytherapy radiation treatment regimen consists of multiple treatment sessions that vary based on the tumor size, depth, location, and other factors. Two painless, quick and easy treatments per week for four weeks is usual.

Prior to your first treatment, a medical physicist together with the radiation oncologist develop your customized electronic brachytherapy treatment plan. Additionally, custom shielding may be created and used to optimize the delivery of radiation to the skin cancer and protect the adjacent normal tissue.

In ten minutes or less, your treatment is done and the x-ray source is turned off and any shielding is removed. Since our electronic brachytherapy is a superficial x-ray derived skin treatment localized to the skin cancer, there is no radiation exposure to other areas of your body. After your treatment, you may drive yourself home and immediately return to your normal activities.

Candidates for Clear electronic brachytherapy treatments include:


Patients who are not interested in having surgery


Patients who are not surgical candidates for medical reasons (e.g. blood thinners)


Patients concerned about scarring or distortion from surgery


Patients who require additional treatment for aggressive skin cancers following surgical treatment


Patients with positive margins after excision to reduce the risk of recurrence

Electronic Brachytherapy Comparison to Surgical Treatment

Electronic Brachytherapy is a safe, effective, non-invasive alternative to surgery and therefore, does not require numbing injections with needles, cutting, or stitches. With cure rates up to 97.5%, its success is similar to surgical excision and approaches the cure rate of Mohs Surgery without the associated risks of infection, distortion of anatomy, and / or unpredictable scarring.

Clear electronic brachytherapy provides excellent cosmetic outcomes by optimizing the number and strength of these treatments. Skin cancers that are aggressive, deep, recurrent, or present in younger patients will more commonly be treated by Mohs Surgery or excision.

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